About Us

About Us

Australian Fellowship of Bible-Believing Churches

The Australian Fellowship of Bible-believing Churches began in 1996 as a casual gathering of pastors. Soon these pastors, and the churches they represented, began networking together. A ladies’ retreat and a Bible conference were well received — leading to each becoming an annual event.

Evangelism and church planting were also enhanced through mutual cooperation. The Eternal Gold Olympic outreach in 2000 brought the churches together for street witnessing, and many people were saved. Following this, church plants were started in various western Sydney suburbs.

In 2006, the fellowship not only incorporated, but also was recognised by the Governor-General. This declaration authorised the AFBC to appoint marriage celebrants.

Today, AFBC-affiliated churches can be found in New South Wales, the Northern Territory and Victoria.  Member pastors and church planters are in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.


Why we exist


To provide encouragement and ministry enrichment through fellowships, Annual Bible conferences and other functions.


To foster cooperation between churches so that resources may be well-utilised, and mutual assistance may occur.


To coordinate support mechanisms whereby local churches may be strengthened.


To promote effective means for
leadership training for our individuals and our Churches.


To represent and service the interests of its membership, including the nomination of religious celebrants.


The AFBC is a voluntary association of churches and ministry personnel. It provides a network of loving support to churches and individuals through fellowship and practical help.

The AFBC is not a denomination and claims no authority or administration over local churches.

The AFBC stands for the historic baptistic faith, including belief in an inerrant and authoritative Bible and a confident hope in the pre-millennial return of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. The AFBC rejects the practice of tongues and faith healing as contemporary gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Members of the AFBC are expected to be separate from denominations and groups that are associated with the World Council of Churches.

Interested in finding out more?

Whether it’s to say hello or to find out more about getting involved with the AFBC, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us now.

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